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Hi!! [Jun. 2nd, 2005|08:14 pm]
[mood |crazycrazy]

Hey peeps now you can comment!! Yay!!Ok well thats it bye!!xoxoxoxo!!!!
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Hi!!!! [Jun. 1st, 2005|10:40 pm]
[mood |crazyInsane!!]
[music |The annoying song]

Should I let people comment again????? hmmmmmmm......... Tell me at school peeps and i might let u guys comment!! hehe!! Hey also wanna know if i should get a new icon cuz ive had mine for ever and its boring now and kinda ugly!! =( xoxoxoxo!!Bye Bye!!!!
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Hi... [May. 31st, 2005|07:08 pm]
[music |Bored dont feel like it]

Hey peeps well i havent written in a while so lemme catch you up!! Well ive made some friends lost some friends made peace and went to movies with friends a few times and also to shows and thats bout it!! well its been fun!! soooooo bye!!!!xoxoxoxo!!!!
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Full House!! [Mar. 24th, 2005|05:10 pm]
[mood |creativehi...im amazing...]
[music |Anthem by blink 182!!!!]

Michelle(from full house): My dad said if I can't say anything nice to not say anything at all but my dad's not here and you're a weanie!!

Hi people.....sorry......random moment.....ok yay.....bye bye people......xoxoxoxo!!!!
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(no subject) [Mar. 19th, 2005|09:22 pm]
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |hmmmmm.........lemme think bout that....]

hey people today i went to janet's house and we played, went to the movies, and then went back to her house and played a game thats like called battle ships or sumthin it was the first time i played it yay ok well thats it luv you all bye xoxoxoxo!!!!
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Yuperz!!!! [Mar. 5th, 2005|04:29 pm]
[mood |blahhello...]
[music |Scattered by GD]

Hi Im bored and ya thats it call me!!!!
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Look down!! [Mar. 3rd, 2005|08:52 pm]
[mood |bouncybouncin off da walls!!]
[music |Ahh i've writen 3 times 2day i dont need to write more music]

What stupid celebrity are you destined to kill? by daydreamer8852
You killed
With a
OnJune 10, 2010
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Hi!! [Mar. 3rd, 2005|08:42 pm]
Your Inner Gangsta by crash_and_burn
What is yo name?
Yo gangsta name beCracka Jack Snappa
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Yo gangThe Mafia
Yo shoes beFlip-flops
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Hey.....look at the pretty song!! [Mar. 3rd, 2005|07:29 pm]
[mood |cheerfulHey all u out there!!!!]
[music |Adam's song by blink 182!!!!]

I never thought I'd die alone
I laughed the loudest who'd have known?
I traced the cord back to the wall
No wonder it was never plugged in at all
I took my time, I hurried up
The choice was mine I didnt think enough
I'm too depressed to go on
You'll be sorry when Im gone
I never conquered, rarely came
16 just held such better days
Days when I still felt alive
We couldn't wait to get outside
The world was wide, too late to try
The tour was over, I'd survived
I couldn't wait til I got home
To pass the time in my room alone
I never thought I'd die alone
Another six months I'll be unknown
Give all my things to my friends
You'll never set foot in my room again
You'll close it off, board it up
Remember the time I spilled the cup
Of apple juice in the hall
Please tell mom this is not her fault
I never conquered, rarely came
Tomorrow just holds such better days
Days when I can still felt alive
When I can't wait to get outside
The world is wide, the time goes by
The tour is over, I've survived
I can't wait til I get home
To pass the time in my room alone
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Hi...read!!!! [Mar. 1st, 2005|09:44 pm]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |Walking Alone by GD!!!!]

Your Icecream Flavour is...Chocolate!
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